Monday, February 14, 2011

Miles' 2nd Birthday

Miles' new "Choo-choo"

Checking out his gift right after he woke up from a nap

He didn't actually ride it much at first,
but he'd walk along the side as it went around the track

Pizza Party since it's one of his favorite foods

Friends eating ice cream (he did have almost all girls at his party)

Wondering why everyone is singing

Blowing out the candles

Eating cake and ice cream (making sure the dogs won't get any)

Friends riding the choo-choo

Pretty in pink

He did end up riding the train quite a bit after awhile
and apparently he takes the train riding quite seriously

although I think he might be asleep at the wheel

Growing up so fast

The more fashionable train conductor look

He got very excited about his
How to Train Your Dragon present

Checking out the new toys

Surveying more gifts

and attacking more presents


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Thanks.
Gt Grandpa & Grandma Van Dyke