Monday, February 14, 2011

Miles' 2nd Birthday

Miles' new "Choo-choo"

Checking out his gift right after he woke up from a nap

He didn't actually ride it much at first,
but he'd walk along the side as it went around the track

Pizza Party since it's one of his favorite foods

Friends eating ice cream (he did have almost all girls at his party)

Wondering why everyone is singing

Blowing out the candles

Eating cake and ice cream (making sure the dogs won't get any)

Friends riding the choo-choo

Pretty in pink

He did end up riding the train quite a bit after awhile
and apparently he takes the train riding quite seriously

although I think he might be asleep at the wheel

Growing up so fast

The more fashionable train conductor look

He got very excited about his
How to Train Your Dragon present

Checking out the new toys

Surveying more gifts

and attacking more presents

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jump Roping

Monday, January 31, 2011

More Smiles

An oldie, but a goody

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Tour 2010

3500 miles, 12 states, and 20+ viewings of Charlie Brown's Christmas

Mile 0

Mile 0, Miles is always happy to travel with the dogs

Mile 203, stopped for lunch

Mile 246

Mile 273

Miles 368, He loves walking Wah-wah

Mile 556, welcome to OK

Mile 591, getting ready for bed at Josh and Bri's

Mile 591, coloring with Mo

Mile 595, we got to visit Steve & Kathy
and play in the tunnel!

Mile 597, putting Wah-wah night-night

Mile 597, complete with kisses

Mile 597, Morning prayers with Berr and Ah-Ee

Miles 963, headed to SD

Mile 1204, Farmer Miles visting the Childrens Museum

Mile 1204, harvesting carrots

Mile 1204, and picking pumpkins

Mile 1204, Shanny Kaylee & Calvin playing on the tower

Mile 1204, Mama's dream job

Mile 1368, fell asleep playing hide-n-seek

Mile 1375, got to go with Miah to see lots of Model Trains

Mile 1375, he didn't want to leave

Mile 1383, sleeping with Wah-wah

Mile 1389, Kaylee & Calvin designed this sleep-aide device

Mile 1400, Miki made penguins out of olives and carrots

Mile 2161, rode our beep-beep all the way to IN

Mile 2161, putting on a show for the cousins

Mile 2161, getting ready for bed

Mile 2175, playing around with Mo

Mile 2175, quite a face

Mile 2175, posing with Mo

Mile 2826, at the hotel you'd like he'd be tired
of cramped places after riding in the car all day

Mile 3468, back home and reading a book before sleep